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Considering the Going-Concern Assumption: Surfer Dude Duds

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Join Sam, Alex and Clover, high school best friends, as they accidentally find their way into their secret lives of being undercover spies for WOOHP, who fight and foil the devious plans of the world's strangest and the most outrageous supervillains.

Case Surfer Dude Duds, Inc.: Considering the Going-Concern Assumption 1. What are Mark’s options? In this scenario, Mark has two options.

One would be to issue a going-concern report and the other option is to be persuaded by George and not issue a going-concern report. If Mark decides to issue the going-concern report he will have to 92%(13). Jimmy Two-Shoes (called Jimmy Cool in some regions) is a Canadian animated Two Shorts comedy series created by Edward Kay and Sean Scott.

The series aired on Teletoon, Jetix Europe, and Disney XD from to The show centers around the miscellaneous adventures of the eponymous Jimmy Two-Shoes, a perpetually happy and optimistic boy who resides in Miseryville, a miserable.

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Surfer Dude Case Study, Issue Going-Concern?