Selling organs should not be legalized

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Sale of Human Organs Should be Legalized

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Legalization would mean an immediate opportunity for saving thousands of lives and dollars. As 30 Americans continue to die every day, it is time we rethink our policy on private organ sales.

Many authors have pointed out that there appears to be no fundamental difference between selling organs and other widely accepted practices, particularly selling one's own ‘risky labour’ (work that involves a risk of harm that is the same as or greater than that involved in organ donation) (Harris ; Brecher; Wilkinson & Garrard ).

If the selling of organs was legalized, there would be an increased rate of murders. There is also the possibility that you could receive a bad organ, risking your life. Only the rich would be able to afford the organs if it was legal to put them up on the market.

A public discussion on allowing people to sell their organs would, the doctors say, allow a better-informed decision on a matter of such moral and medical significance.

Sale of human organs should. The legalization of organ selling would lead to more harm than good. Organ Sale Should Remain Illegal There are more than one hundred twenty-three thousand people in the U.S.

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on the waiting list for an organ, but just one organ donor can save up to eight lives. Yes, the sale of human organs should be legalized.

Yes, I believe that the sale of human organs should be legalized. While this isn't a popular stance on the matter, many people do not realize or comprehend how organ donor lists and transplant lists work.

Selling organs should not be legalized
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Why selling your organs should be legal, and why not - WEST