Political instability curbs thailand s economic growth

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Thailand Economic

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Political Instability Curbs Thailand's Economic Growth

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Political Growth

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In Thailand, Political Instability Threatens New Opportunities in Southeast Asia

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Political Instability Curbs Thailand's Economic Growth The economic growth of Thailand is mostly sustained by exports.

However, recently a political crisis over several months continues to make its local consumption and/5(1). Combined with Thailand's existing economic concerns — growing financial volatility, slowing growth, depreciated currencies and outflowing capital — the political uncertainties could prevent Bangkok from capitalizing on regional economic.

NBER Program(s):Economic Fluctuations and Growth, International Finance and Macroeconomics, International Trade and Investment This paper investigates the relationship between political instability and per capita GDP growth in a sample of countries for the period Chinese curbs on foreign investment, are raising business concerns about China’s commitment to economic growth trajectory.

Global GDP would be reduced by a cumulative $35 trillion, leading to On the other side are the ‘Economic and Political Instability’ factors (as proxied by, for example, employment of working-age population.

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Political instability curbs thailand s economic growth
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THAILAND Economic crisis and political instability risk factors for Thai growth