Observation of ecosystem in national park

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Wildlife observation

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Observation Wagons

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Kruger Park Eco-system, Wildlife and Vegetation

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Shark Valley Trails

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Lying within the estuary of the Guadalquivir River, the park covers overhectares and includes dunes, marshes, temporary ponds, Mediterranean scrub and pine forests. For the Kemeri National Park Observation Tower competition, participants are tasked with designing a new tower that will allow visitors to view and experience the Kemeri Bog in a new way.

Its main purpose should be to provide a new viewpoint to visitors, especially those with disabilities that are less able to enjoy the national park up close.

kemeri national park Kemeri National Park remains something of a hidden treasure, with few tourists rarely venturing out that far. As the third-largest national park in one of Europe’s greenest country, Kemeri is a stunning and eclectic mix of forests, lakes, swamps and ancient raised bogs.

The Kaathe (Wooden) Observation Tower is located within the Kumrose Buffer Zone Community Forest of Chitwan National Park, and has been in operation for 15 years under the management of the Budhi Rapti User Committee. Instead, the National Park Service works to remove the barriers to ecosystem recovery.

These barriers include biological or chemical contaminants, drained wetlands, channelized rivers, alteration of fire patterns, or lack of species to re-populate areas of parks.

Since this national Park has variety of landforms and different flora and fauna species, it forms a natural ecosystem and has been chosen as the subject of this study. The day chosen to visit this site was 4 th May and the time of observation was kept from Pm to PM.

Observation of ecosystem in national park
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Kemeri National Park Observation Tower Competition Winners