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Natalie Dessay

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A wicked witch who made us laugh and cry

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Also available on Blu-ray January brought an ‘operatic coupling made in heaven’ (Financial Times) to London’s Royal Opera House when Natalie Dessay and Juan Diego Flórez took on the roles of Marie and Tonio in Donizetti’s comic opera La Fille du régiment. The main performance programme of the Abu Dhabi Festival opens on Sunday with an intimate recital of classic French songs by opera stars Natalie Dessay and Laurent Naouri.

Becoming Traviata is a French documentary film chronicling rehearsals of the Verdi opera La traviata at the Aix-en-Provence Festival.

French soprano Dessay gives up opera but not the stage

Directed by Philippe Béziat, the film focuses largely on stage director Jean-François Sivadier (fr) working with coloratura soprano Natalie Dessay. Feb 10,  · PARIS — Natalie Dessay is among the handful of sopranos who genuinely merit the term diva, but her career encountered some bumps last year.

Her eagerly awaited Mélisande at the Theater an der.

A Night At The Met

Natalie Dessay is a wonderful French soprano who has a sweeter, purer voice than most such singers of this century (Mady Mesple, for example, who was as wonderful an. Dessay is an intelligent singer, and her sound really is more Italianate than French – no featherweight "Minnie Mouse" Lucias here, as we once had from Mado Robin and Mady Mesplé.

If other singers have brought more personality to the role, Dessay neither bores nor offends.

Natalie dessay french opera
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Photo Journal: Donizetti's Fille - with Dessay and Fl‹rez - at the Met | Playbill