Music review arjona s song if north were south

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This is a music review of Arjona's song if the north were the south. Automobile safety Essay. Edgar Ricardo Arjona Morales, (born 19 JanuaryJocotenango, Guatemala), known as Ricardo Arjona (pronounced /aɾ'xona/), is a popular Guatemalan singer.

Arjona’s success can be attributed to the fact that his groundbreaking music, though often lumped together with “Latin pop” or “world music,” is characterized by. This is a music review of Arjona’s song if the north. InArgon wrote the song OSi el Norte Freer el Sure (If the North were the South), in which he expresses a subjective, yet truthful point of view of what the North American culture is; and how it could change if we exchange places with the South.

Music review arjona s song if north were south
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