Lease conditions fasb

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Frequently asked questions on changes to lease accounting

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FASB Approves Optional Lease Implementation Transition Method

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ProLease Allows a Tenant to Manage a Portfolio of Leased and Owned Properties. ProLease Web-Based Lease Administration and Facility Management software is comprised of five integrated modules that are extremely powerful yet, very easy to use.

2 The FASB addresses sale and leasebacks, US GAAP topics in leases project Key decisions Sale and leaseback transactions The FASB decided that it will include application guidance on.

See why experts recommend our lease accounting software to manage and report on real estate, equipment and other leased assets for compliance with the new FASB and IASB standards.

In a lease arrangement, the owner-lessor agrees to rent an asset (machinery, equipment, land, or building) to the tenant-lessee for a set number of periods at a fixed rental fee per period.

Lease accounting

Leases guidance: Variable payments based on usage are not included in the lease receivable or lease income until earned. Revenue guidance: Variable payments may be recognized as revenue upfront, provided certain conditions are met. Sale and leaseback transactions: Specific sale-leaseback guidance applies to seller-lessees of real estate.

Lease conditions fasb
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