Greek legacies

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Ancient Greece

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11 Greek Influences and Contributions to Today's Society

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The Oriental originally had a single form of each theory, but created upper case and lower grade versions of the letters oh. History >> Ancient Greece The Ancient Greeks may have lived over years ago, but they left a Greek legacies legacy that still affects Western culture and way of life.

During the height of the Greek civilization, Greek culture spread throughout the Mediterranean. Athletic Legacy. The Olympics, the massive international sports competition that serves as one of ancient Greece’s most visible legacies, dates from BC.

Named for Olympia, the site of the original games, the ancient Greek Olympics persisted for almost 1, years. The modern marathon also stands as a legacy of Greek athletic achievement.

The legacy of the Indo-Greeks starts with the formal end of the Indo-Greek Kingdom from the 1st century CE, as the Greek communities of central Asia and northwestern India lived under the control of the Kushan branch of the Yuezhi, apart from a short-lived invasion of the Indo-Parthian Kingdom.

Legacies of ancient greece 1. The Legacies of Ancient Greece©, TESCCC 2. What is a legacy?

Legacy of the Indo-Greeks

Traditions, skills, and knowledge of a culture that get passed on to people in the future something a culture is known for Martin Luther King’s legacy is Civil Rights A gift from the past©, TESCCC.

Show your knowledge of ancient Greece with an interactive quiz and printable worksheet. Quiz & Worksheet - Legacies of Ancient Greece Quiz; The pinnacle of Greek civilization and its.

Lesson 4 The Legacy of Greece MAIN IDEAS Culture Greek art and architecture introduced new styles and concepts that set standards for generations of artists around the world.

Ancient Greece

Culture The Greek love of reason and logic infl uenced the development of Western knowledge.

Greek legacies
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Ancient Greece for Kids: Legacy