Global climate change frq

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Natural and Man-Made Causes of Global Warming

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AP ES-034 Global Climate Change

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REVIEW UNIT ECOLOGY — SAMPLE QUESTIONS Discuss the impact of the following on energy flow on a global scale Deforestation Global climate change. Name _____ AP Biology 7 of 8 Developed by Kim B.

Foglia • • © 3. Organisms rarely exist alone in the natural environment. Central Magnet School serves th grade students and is part of Rutherford County School District. SCORING GUIDELINES Question 1 (a) Choose any ONE of the three pollutants mentioned above and respond to each of the following.

AP ES-034 Global Climate Change

(i) Describe one specific source, other than the local chemical plants, for the toxic pollutant you chose. One point can be. (c) The Montreal Protocol of provided a global framework to phase out chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) production and use.

Although the Montreal Protocol has led to a dramatic decrease in CFCs released into the atmosphere, stratospheric ozone destruction has decreased only slightly. i. Responding to climate change will involve a two-tier approach: 1) “mitigation” – reducing the flow of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere; and 2) “adaptation” – learning to live with, and adapt to, the climate change that has already been set in motion.

Global climate change frq
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