Effecient wage hypthesis

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Efficient Market Hypothesis - EMH

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Game theory

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Then in Section 3, we incorporate the efficiency wage hypothesis to the mesoeconomic model to examine the effect of aggregate demand shocks. We use different formulations of the efficiency wage hypothesis including the simplest version as in Solow (), and other formulations in line with Akerlof ().

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This theory is referred to as the efficiency-wage theory, and there are a number of reasons that firms might find it profitable to behave in this way. the efficiency wage hypothesis holds that: there is payment of wage premiums by some employers to attract the best talent available and to enhance productivity in order to offset any increase in labor costs.

Efficiency Wage Theory

Prior Hypothesis bias refers to the fact that decision makers who have strong prior beliefs about the relationship between two variables tend to make decisions on the basis of those beliefs, even when presented with the evidence that their beliefs are wrong.

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Effecient wage hypthesis
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