Child labor in africa

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Child labour in Africa

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Sub-Saharan Africa's Dependence on Child Labor Affects Development

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Child labour in Africa

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Progress against child labour appears to have stalled in Africa. On cocoa farms, 10% of child laborers in Ghana and 40% in the Ivory Coast do not attend school, [2] which violates the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Child Labour Standards.

[18] Depriving these children of an education has many short-term and long-term effects. Another Sub-Saharan African industry dependent on child labor is cocoa, used in the production of chocolate. The U.S. Labor Department report said child labor is prevalent on cocoa plantations in.

The instability created by warfare, the lack of funds by some African governments to prevent child labor, and acute poverty and high unemployment rates mean that child labor is an ongoing battle.

Child labour in South Africa is a problem that can very quickly get out-of-hand. With nearly 1/3 of its population under 15 years old - nearly 15 million kids - if child labour is left unchecked and unchallenged, there is a risk that it spreads further across South Africa’s immense under-age population.

The Global Estimates of Child Labour indicate that one-fifth of all African children are involved in child labour, a proportion more than twice as high as in any other region. Nine per cent of African children are in hazardous work, again highest of all the world’s regions.

Child labor in africa
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