Cartesian diver

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Toy Inventor’s Notebook: Build a Classic Cartesian Diver Toy

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How to Make a Cartesian Diver

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4 Cartesian Diver

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Tip. If it doesn’t work, try adding some clay/plasticine/blu tack or play dough to the lego man to make him a bit heavier. The Cartesian diver is an eye dropper or anything that has an opening at the bottom in a 2-liter coke container.

Named after its creator, René Descartes (), the Cartesian diver uses Pascal’s Principle by squeezing the container and the pressure continues in all directions in the water and the air trapped in the cap. It also uses Boyle’s law by squeezing the container, pressure.

Cartesian Divers are objects whose density changes with pressure. Learn how to make a diver that floats in water at atmospheric pressure and sinks when pressure increases.

Sep 07,  · Cartesian divers are fun little devices, incredibly entertaining and puzzling. Basically, they use the properties of gas and pressure to make a small weight sink "magically." The Cartesian diver is named after Rene Descartes, a famous French scientist, mathematician, and philosopher%(34).

The diver is carefully weighted with water. When the rubber membrane on the top of the tube is pressed, the air in the diver is compressed, allowing enough water to enter the tube that its average density becomes greater than that of water, and the diver sinks.

G Planinˇsi ˇc et al Figure 2. The kitchen version of the two-liquid Cartesian diver: cooking oil at the top, water at the bottom and ketchup bags as divers.

Cartesian diver
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Claes Hellerström and Cartesian diver microrespirometry