Boxing as a sport should be

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Should we ban boxing? Absolutely not

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ABC Regulatory Guidelines

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Tyson Honesty fight playing out. Many references tell how those they too behind are now in age, addicts, or dead. Jan 10,  · it should not only be a high school sport, it should be a college sport, and offer scholarships to amateur boxers, and then they go pro around junior or senior year if they choose, or finish college, just like baseball, football, or basketball.

The most comprehensive book written on the sport of pugilism. Every technical aspect of modern boxing is covered or touched upon. "Ultimate Boxer" should be required reading for anyone who wants to coach, or has aspirations to becoming a champion fighter.

Live Boxing TV rights in the UK are based around the fighters and their respective Sports currently cover all boxing matches promoted by Matchroom Media, BoxNation have live rights to broadcast Frank Warren Promoted boxing matches, and Channel 5 have live coverage of Hennessy Sports promoted boxing matches.

For the big fights in the UK, all World Title Boxing fights are. Find all the latest boxing news and comment on Telegraph Sport.

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Boxing as a sport should be
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Should boxing be banned?