Abuse of our planet

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We humans are destroying our planet—and we are responsible. We spread pollution through our industry, our overpopulation, our fertilizers, our trash, and our insecticides.

We wreak ecological havoc through our unsustainable farming, logging, mining, fishing, and exploitation of the world’s other natural resources. Our promise to deliver that quality is the most important promise we make." In designing your kitchen, kitchen counter tops should be a top skayra.comn counter tops can be made with several different materials: granite, marble, concrete, ceramic, limestone.

Tobacco/Nicotine and E-Cigs

The amount of waste generated on a daily basis is going to be one of primary causes of the demise of humanity as we know it. By the year it is expected the amount of plastic in our oceans will weigh more than the total population of marine life in our seas.

The planet Earth is being scarred. Every day the people of the planet earth are polluting the planet's air, water and land. These are all natural resources that are necessary for our survival on this planet.

Abuse of Our Planet Bio 100

Yet, we continue to abuse our planet. Our world population is growing out of control.

Abuse of our planet
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