A review of the giver a film directed by philip noyce

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The Giver: Synopsis and Review [WATCH VIDEO]

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The Giver, review: 'mundane sci-fi'

The definition of “utopia” is a place or state in which everything is perfect. Based off the award-winning novel, the film The Giver explores the idea of a utopia in great depth. The movie came out in and was directed by Phillip Noyce.

Phillip Noyce's adaptation of Lois Lowry's dystopian novel stars Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Brenton Thwaites, Alexander Skarsgard, Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift and Odeya Rush The Giver, out Friday.

InNoyce directed and executive produced the NBC pilot Crisis, which went to series. Later that year, he returned to South Africa to film The Giver, starring Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, and Brenton Thwaites, which opened in the US on August 15, from The Weinstein Company. Noyce has not directed a film since ’s Salt, although he’s been attached to several including the conservationist biopic My Wild Life, the Indecent Proposal-esque thriller The Arrangement.

Philip Noyce: It was a book that I was aware of from my two daughters who had read it in high school and once I read the book, that’s what convinced me. It’s like a book of emotions and ideas. The long-in-development feature film adaptation of Lois Lowry’s lauded children’s book The Giver is taking a big step forward.

Variety reports that director Philip Noyce (Salt, Patriot Games) is now in early talks to helm the adaptation for The Weinstein Company, Walden Media, and star Jeff Bridges. The book concerns a utopian society where all .

A review of the giver a film directed by philip noyce
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